5 Ways to Encourage Positive Behavior in Your Dog

Any pet parent may prove that their babies may be misbehaved sometimes. Dogs are curious animals and tend to get into trouble, especially when they are bored. Fortunately, positive dog behavior may be encouraged.

Dog Positive Behavior

5 Ways to Promote Positive Behavior in Dogs

1.   Build a Routine for Positive Behavior:

Your pet or your family has to adjust to your routine, not vice versa. This shows that you are in charge. This also sets your expectations about what things you should perform during the day.

2.   Feed Them with the Appropriate Nutritious Dog Diet

What your pets eat can influence their conduct. Anxiety, hyperactivity, irritation, and destruction can be directly connected to the consumption of incorrect food. Stick to fixed eating times and discourage individuals every time they beg. Resist guilty when your pup exhibits her sweet face ‘begging for food.’

3.   Make Sure Your Dog is Exercising Enough:

Dogs need sufficient activity to discharge their energy. Excess energy can make them restless, boisterous, nervous, and destructive AND! The activity depends on your dog’s breed, but it is recommended to walk every day.

4.   Encourage Your Dog to Rest:

Of course, some dogs are energetic. You get up, and they’re going to get up too. This is a form of behavior looking for attention, and as pet owners, we may find it interesting at first and love it with affection… until it gets too handled. This gives your dog the sense that every time they do this, they immediately get cuddles or pets.

Do not in any way contact them or comment on them when this happens. Instead, relax and treat them quietly, so that they know that relaxation is a positive behavior that they deserve.

5.   Recognize Positive Dog Conduct and Praise:

Encourage positive dog behavior through a method of “loyalty and incentive.” Give them a reward every time your furry buddy exhibits good behavior. Don’t confine it to treatments they can eat. Cuddling and patting your words are equally effective (and free) rewards.

A well-trained puppy is a new pet parent’s dream. You will always be on your best behavior, with good training, devotion, consistency, and showering them with even more affection.