Essential Gear for Your Dog’s First Camping Trip

Taking your furry friend camping for the first time can be an exciting adventure for both you and your pup. However, it’s essential to make sure your dog is properly equipped and prepared for the outdoor experience. In this blog, we’ll cover some must-have gear to keep Fido safe, comfortable and entertained during your camping getaway.

ID Tags and Collar

Dogs First Camping Trip

The most basic but essential item is an ID tag on your dog’s collar. Make sure their collar is fitted properly and not too tight or loose. Engrave your dog’s name, your phone number and any medical conditions. Australian company Aussie Paws makes durable, waterproof collars and leads that are perfect for camping. Their leather and rope leads are built to last. It’s important your pup always has ID on them in case they get lost in an unfamiliar area.


Bring at least two 6-foot leashes for on and off-leash areas. Nylon or leather leashes are best for camping as they are lightweight and durable for hiking. Aussie Paws’ waterproof collars and leads ensure your dog stays safe even if they get wet. Make sure to obey all leash laws and keep your dog on a leash in designated areas for their safety and to avoid disturbing other campers.

Food and Water Bowls

Pack reusable, collapsible bowls to avoid waste. Stainless steel is best for durability. Bring plenty of fresh water, which you can refill from a nearby stream if treated and safe for consumption. For food, bring your dog’s regular diet along with some high-value training treats for positive reinforcement.

First Aid Kit

Include basic supplies like bandages, antiseptic, tweezers, scissors, and your dog’s medical records/vaccination info. Consider asking your vet for a travel first aid kit tailored for dogs. Be prepared in case of minor cuts, ticks, or other issues that may arise outdoors.


A comfortable dog bed, blanket, or even an old towel allows your pup a designated sleeping area. Look for water-resistant or machine-washable fabrics. A bed provides familiarity in an unfamiliar place. You can also use a bed as a barrier to keep your dog in a designated area, like near the tent entrance.

Toys and Chews

Bring favorite toys to keep your dog entertained when you’re busy with camp chores. Durable chew toys and treats can occupy anxious dogs and prevent them from chewing inappropriate items. Look for toys and chews made from natural materials like rubber or nylon that won’t break or come apart in your dog’s mouth.

Waste Bags

Always pack extra plastic bags for cleaning up after your dog. Properly dispose of waste to keep the campground clean. Consider bringing biodegradable bags if the area allows. Part of responsible dog ownership is cleaning up and packing out what your dog packs in!

Brush and Grooming Supplies

Bring a brush or comb, nail clippers if needed, shampoo, and other essentials. Grooming helps your dog feel fresh and can prevent matting. It’s also a great bonding activity during downtime at the campsite. Look for natural, fragrance-free shampoos that won’t irritate sensitive skin.

Sun Protection

Dogs can get sunburned too! Look for a dog-safe sunscreen or moisturizer for exposed areas like the nose and ears. Wide-brimmed hats or rash guards also provide coverage. Staying hydrated is key – bring plenty of fresh water. Consider early morning and evening activities to avoid the hottest parts of the day.

Backup Leash and Collar

Packaging an extra collar and 6-foot leash is a good idea, just in case your dog’s originals are lost or damaged during the trip. You’ll want to keep your pup secured at all times when camping in unfamiliar areas.

With the right gear and preparation, you can feel confident taking your dog along on your next camping adventure. Always supervise them closely, especially around campfires and unfamiliar people or animals. Most importantly, choose a dog-friendly campground and make new memories with your furry friend!