How to Clean a Fish Tank

A clean fish tank looks fantastic and gives your fish a nice home. Over time, in your fish tank, substances such as nitrates can build up, leading to a hazy look. Even if you have a fish tank filter, hand-cleaning your aquarium is still vital.

These tips detail how to clean your fish tank and what you can do to ensure that it is not cloudy.

Clean a Fish Tank

Easy Steps: How to clean Fish Tank

  •         Cleaning the glass
  •         Wash your hands to your elbows.
  •         Filter and lights unplug. Unplug them if you have any UV lights. Close any valves that do not overflow when you have a sump.
  •         Remove any synthetic ornamentation and mix it with hot water and a toothbrush.
  •         Clean the glass with a suitable acrylic or glass scrub.
  •         Use a gravel vacuum to enter the substratum gaps. Do not remove at a time more than 50% of the tank water. Your fish may remain in the tank, don’t suck it up!
  •         Scrubbing decor with hot water and toothbrush separately
  •         Remove filter media and gently rinse or squeeze into the collected wastewater bucket. Do not use tap water. Do not use water.
  •         To feed your plants, use your wastewater. Nitrates are a big fertilizer!
  •         Refill your tap water bucket. Water containers and/or minerals may be missing. Make sure your tank has the same temperature! An infrared thermometer can be used to compare two temperatures fast.
  •         Add dechlorinator and decoration to your bucket to treat chlorine AND chloramine. Chloramine is a more stable, ammonia-mixed version of chlorine! Allow the dechlorinate to do its job for a few minutes.
  •         Make your filtration possible by pouring some tank water into the filter foundation. Plugin and adjust the flow. Open any valves that you closed before.
  •         Rinse filter media gently in wastewater
  •         Switch your lights on and substitute any cover. Look for a few minutes at your tank to make sure everything works correctly.


The best, easiest approach to maintain your fish tank clean is to do the job. A little cleaning each day is easier than waiting for thorough cleaning of the entire tank and, even if you miss out on a day or so, the tank is still pretty clean and easy to enjoy.