Most Common Pet Insurance Claims

As the owner of the dog or cat, you never want to be in a position to claim your pet insurance! However, if your pet is injured or ill, insurance might assist relieve the financial strain. We share information on some of the most common cat and dog insurance claims as well as the most expensive to highlight how some of our clients can help with pet insurance!

Pet Insurance Claims

Common Claims of Canine:

Most of the vet’s charges for both dogs and cats have been for disease rather than injury or accident. A staggering 82.6% of the Vet’s dog policy claims were for disease. The growth cysts and tumours accounted for 11,4 percent of the vet fee claims throughout this period, and we paid an average of £583 each claim. The most costly claim we paid for this was for a Boerboel, at £7,895!

Common Claims of Cat: 

In this year, almost 1 in 10 veterinary bills claims for cats were for urinary system concerns such as the lower urinary tract disease feline, which caused our list to look out for prevalent cat diseases. On average, we paid £484 for each urinary system problem claim. Our two most costly claims for urinary cats totalled £5,238 for a Moggie and £4,931 for a Ragdoll!

Costly Cat Claims:

our feline companions are known for nine lives and our figures show that there is absolutely some truth to this myth! Only one unfortunate cat was included in our list of the top ten pet insurance claims of 2018. The third ranking was a cat in a road accident, with a total claim of £14,239!

Costly Dog Claims:

An unbelievable 9 out of 10 claims were for dogs in our top 10 pet insurance claims list! In the top five, we had a dog with hip problems and we paid £13,711 for them. A dog with immune system problems was paid £13,785. The second highest in our list was a dog having seizures, which cost £14,512, and a dog with problems of the back, spinal cord and pelvic had a value of £14,754.